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EIDR APM: The Quest for Identifier Interoperability

Industry standards are typically specific to workflow and business segment, and registries have been developed around their corresponding workflows with little to no collaboration ... More

EIDR APM: The Benefits of Having Natural Triggers to Automate EIDR Registrations

Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) registration doesn’t have to be a manual process because title management and version management workflows have natural triggers to autom... More

EIDR APM: UniSoft Touts Benefits of EIDR-Enabled Broadcast Automation

Automation in broadcast TV presents media and entertainment organizations with many challenges, especially when you consider the fluidity of live television. But automation can ... More

EIDR APM: Streaming Goes International and Creates Unique Challenges

As streaming services increasingly spread to international markets, the teams making it happen face unique challenges and solutions, according to industry executives who spoke Marc... More

EIDR APM: EIDR, MicroStrategy, Island Pitch Team Up to Solve Analytics Challenge

The Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR), MicroStrategy and solutions architecture agency Island Pitch are working together to solve a key analytics challenge that EIDR and com... More

EIDR APM: New Working Group Addresses Catalogue Challenges When Companies Merge

As media companies merge, split and acquire catalogues from each other, “someone’s going to be in the unenviable position” of having to deal with the intellectual property an... More

EIDR APM: EIDR Board Explores Its Goals, Industry Trends

On March 10, the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) kicked off its Annual Participant Meeting (APM), held in conjunction with the Smart Content Summit in Los Angeles, by prov... More

Automation, Interoperability Headline March 10 EIDR Participant Meeting

An update on automating EIDR registration with executive director Hollie Choi, the status of industry standards around identifier interoperability, and a discussion around how EIDR... More

EIDR Annual Participant Meeting Goes All-Virtual Dec. 9

With daily COVID-19 cases resurging across Europe, the Smart Content Summit/EIDR Annual Participant Meeting (APM) scheduled for Dec. 5 in Amsterdam as part of the IBC Show will ins... More

How FlickShow Makes it Easier to Register Content on Universal AV Databases

EIDR universal IDs are becoming mandatory for some content buyers before they agree to purchase a movie or TV show, and they will often use the various universal audiovisual databa... More