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Gracenote’s Filiz Bahmanpour Joins EIDR Board

Filiz Bahmanpour, VP of product at Gracenote, the content solutions business unit of Nielsen, has been named to the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) board of directors. This comes ... More

EIDR APM: Gracenote Details Future of Entertainment Discovery

The lines are blurring between entertainment types and the experiences of consumers who seek to engage with that content, according to Trent Wheeler, chief product officer at Grace... More

EIDR APM: Tech Update, Roadmap for What’s Next

The Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) provided an update on the latest EIDR technology changes and updates, including the new website search experience and the addition of c... More

EIDR APM: Global Expansion Plans, Cloud Localisation Blueprint Discussed

The Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) Board of Directors, speaking May 23 during the EIDR Annual Participant Meeting (APM) at the Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Sum... More

EIDR APM: How NBC Universal is Leveraging EIDR for its Title and Version Strategy

NBC Universal has been harnessing the power of the Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) to automate its collection of title and version identifiers, as well as metadata, in... More

EIDR APM Begins to Take Shape at Nov. 15 British HITS

On Nov. 15, the Hollywood Innovation & Transformation Summit (HITS) debuts to a new audience in London, bringing together hundreds of senior studio and vendor technology leade... More

EIDR APM: The Quest for Identifier Interoperability

Industry standards are typically specific to workflow and business segment, and registries have been developed around their corresponding workflows with little to no collaboration ... More

EIDR APM: The Benefits of Having Natural Triggers to Automate EIDR Registrations

Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) registration doesn’t have to be a manual process because title management and version management workflows have natural triggers to autom... More

EIDR APM: UniSoft Touts Benefits of EIDR-Enabled Broadcast Automation

Automation in broadcast TV presents media and entertainment organizations with many challenges, especially when you consider the fluidity of live television. But automation can ... More

EIDR APM: Streaming Goes International and Creates Unique Challenges

As streaming services increasingly spread to international markets, the teams making it happen face unique challenges and solutions, according to industry executives who spoke Marc... More