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EIDR APM: Red Bee, EIDR Talk Metadata Accuracy

At the May 7 EIDR Annual Participant Meeting in Culver City, Calif., Jason Marchese, head of sales, market area Americas for global media services provider Red Bee Media, spoke ab... More

EIDR APM: Embracing Neurodiversity in the Workforce

At the May 7 EIDR Annual Participant Meeting in Culver City, Calif., representatives from disability employment recruitment firm Zavikon spoke to attendees about the need to embra... More

EIDR APM: Five-Year Update on 2030 Vision Provided

At the May 7 EIDR Annual Participant Meeting in Culver City, Calif., Mark Turner, program director of production technology for MovieLabs, provided an update on the state of the Mo... More

EIDR APM: HAND Gets Ahead of the Game in a GenAI World

At the recent EIDR Annual Participant Meeting (APM) in Culver City, Calif., Gabriel Berger, senior advisor and growth officer for HAND (Human and Digital), said with the advances ... More

PBS Details Metadata Makeover Using EIDR

For Poonam Singh, product manager of media systems for PBS, the multiple challenges she’s noted around content IDs and data management probably sound familiar to most anyone in m... More

This Year, in Culver City

The hottest ticket this year isn’t for Tailor Swift’s latest concert date (sorry Swifties) – it’s EIDR’s Annual Participant Meeting (APM) scheduled for May 7, 2024. This ... More

Gracenote’s Filiz Bahmanpour Joins EIDR Board

Filiz Bahmanpour, VP of product at Gracenote, the content solutions business unit of Nielsen, has been named to the Entertainment ID Registry (EIDR) board of directors. This comes ... More

EIDR APM: Gracenote Details Future of Entertainment Discovery

The lines are blurring between entertainment types and the experiences of consumers who seek to engage with that content, according to Trent Wheeler, chief product officer at Grace... More

EIDR APM: Tech Update, Roadmap for What’s Next

The Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) provided an update on the latest EIDR technology changes and updates, including the new website search experience and the addition of c... More

EIDR APM: Global Expansion Plans, Cloud Localisation Blueprint Discussed

The Entertainment Identifier Registry (EIDR) Board of Directors, speaking May 23 during the EIDR Annual Participant Meeting (APM) at the Hollywood Innovation and Transformation Sum... More